Sylvan Queen

Surround me in sylvan peace
Away from the world
Away from their eyes
There I will find release

Sing a song, dance a dance
In the wooded shade
In the darkened glade
And by moonlit sky entranced

Freedom found there I have
Alone in the world
Alone in myself
And only one thing do I crave

Your touch, your laugh
Your everlasting love
Your everlasting light
Your smile, your soul I quaff

I need you here
Within the arboreal glade
Within my heart for you made
Never has my way been more clear

With you I belong
Wrapped in my sylvan peace
Just another sylvan beast
Away from you, I am wrong

Warmth in your touch I need
A surceasefrom the greatest cold
Suddenly, I don't feel so old
And my spirit once more is freed

Greater things there are
Than you and I
Reaching above us, to the sky
And their beauty, this world afar

With you I belong
Dancing in my sylvan glade
Smiling, laughing, music made
You are my light, my soul's song

I love you, my dearest one
A small thing I must be
Nowhere near as great as the trees
Not too small, though, to love the sun

My angel, my one true love
Like a sylvan queen
With gold and green
Wrapped within the grove

Your beauty calls me to cry
Like a sylvan queen
With gold and green
Shining love within your eye

Your love is all I need
Your warmth, your touch
Your smile, your breath
"I love you" has become my creed

I could spend an eternity with you
Never bored
Never tired
Only "I love you" rings true

With you, forever I will stay
Wrapped in sylvan shade
Sleeping in sylvan glade
At peace, with you I lay

Arms entwined, our souls the same
Eternal in our love
Eternal in our hearts
An eternal burning, a constant flame

Together we belong
So sure am I
The truth it must be
And in that sylvan song

Sings the truth of life
Peace and love
Chaos and death
All a part within no strife

You are my completion
Security and love
And danger, all in one
Love with surceasion

Acceptance given, but unasked
You see all I am
You love all I am
Inside your heart, I am unmasked

I know no fear with you
Fear itself most foreign
Fear itself most unreal
I know this love is true
Where we walk, whatever the ways
Be it in sylvan glade
Or in artificial shade
Know that I will love you always