Essay Two

By Moby

the christian right is neither. god is angry, i think. here in the u.s. vast numbers of politicians and religious leaders (the line between the two is blurry) are masquerading hate, racism, sexism, and ignorance under the banner of conservative christian values.

conservative christian values are these - humility, mercy, compassion, love, honesty, etc. nowhere in the bible does christ encourage his followers to be intolerant, greedy bigots. nowhere in the bible does christ encourage his followers to lie, slander, steal, or be divisive along economic or cultural lines. preserving the 'american way' of greed, cruelty, environmental destruction, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. would seem to have nothing to do with christ. christ is wonderful, loving, compassionate, and honest. today's right wing evangelical christians seem to be insecure, hate-filled creatures and although i should probably pity them, right now i'm angry.

we sit back and watch as the christian right tries to legislate their petty morality at the city, state, and federal level. they successfully ousted the best chairman of new york city school system ever had because he encourage condom distribution and an open-minded curriculum. here's a question - how are teen pregnancy, hiv/aids, and a redundant ineffectual curriculum christian? instead of spreading hate, ignorance and a narrow-minded social agenda why doesn't the christian right go out and spread mercy, compassion and selflessness?

two thousand years ago, christ called the religous & politcal leaders of his day 'whitewashed tombs, clean on the outside but full of evil'. god sent prophets, the religious & political leaders killed and tortured them. god sent christ, the religous & political leaders killed and tortured him. the religious and political leaders of 2,00 years ago were 'whitewashed tombs, full of evil' and the religious and political leaders of today seem to be just as bad.