Carrie Ann Barr

What can I say to you that I haven't already a thousand times? What can I say to you that I won't say a thousand more? Words are not things for us, love. Words are limited. Words are finite. Words are tangible.

For us, words will never do. Actions will never do. We are driven, driven by our love, to create more, to grow, and live, and flourish. You make me want to live, love. You make me want to grow old, and grow wise. You are what makes me who I am. You are my love, my one true love. I will always love you.

You are always foremost in my mind. You are my drive, my ambition. You are everything that I have ever thought that wasn't so bad about myself. You are the light toward which I walk. You are my sun on the summer afternoon in a field of flowers. You are my eternity, love. One heart, one love, one eternity.

I will love you forever, beloved. I will love you beyond forever. I will love you until I cease to exist, beloved.

I have always loved you. I always will.

Please, read this, and smile.

That is all I need. Your happiness.