Joshua Biddle

I could write something, saying about how much you have done for me.... but I don't feel like it. You get a list. Enjoy!

  1. You gave me a place to live when I was kicked out of my house
  2. You have been quite the good chaffeur all these years
  3. Cool point system
  4. You introduced me to DnD
  5. You introduced me to DnD novels, which got me into heavy fantasy, which got me into horror...
  6. Your mom gave me a haircut
  7. Your sister is cool, as is your brother
  8. Halloween, 1998. Props to the Big G in the Sky.
  9. I think you still owe me $25.
  10. Getting a sprained ankle of prom night SUCKS
  11. Please don't quote me. I'm convinced you want to make me seem the mysogynist.
  12. You introduced me to music. For that, I will always be grateful.
  13. Had it not been for your internet connection, I would not have met Carrie so soon. Thanks.
Maybe I'll add some stuff later.