Honorable Mention

Papa Gino's: Grant, Jerry, Van the Man, Evan, Derick, Jay, and all those whom have come and go.... As the Oven Turns....
Wizards! Online: Rodney, Cheri, Iva, Kirsten, Scott (and Rachel!), Knyte, Zouron, Jon, and all the rest of the WizO team (and special mention to Ginger the Mighty!!!)
"Final Stage": Barbra, the director; Howard, the director of photography; Ron, the sound guy; Jimothy, Blair, and Matt, mooks galore; and finally all the other people whom I can't remember your names. Sorry!

Wizards! People: Talinthas, Silverwolff, Balinor, Mira, Lissa, Fatora, AA, Patty, Chris, Leon Garou, Jax, and all the rest in the Emporium and RPG that make my job easier...
People who are just Plain Cool: Carol Raoge, Goober, That Guy from Blockbuster, Alana, Danielle, UnderneathRuby, Jaleigh, Gomez, Claudio Pozas, Xanadu, the Kargatane crew, Steve Miller, R. A. Salvatore, Trent Reznor, H. P. Lovecraft