Dedicated to Paul Putala and Amber Crossley

One year ago this day
Three souls thrust out upon the way
Into Fate's hand they play
In Fate's hand, their future lay

Three seekers, led by Fate
At a time more early than late
Left in darkness to sate
The calling and pulling of Fate

Three wanderers, they came
Together, meek but never lame
Actions mad, but of no shame
Following life's eternal game

One soul, to darkness lost,
Awakening from a field of frost
A seeker of stones, old and mossed
By Fate's whim and love tossed

One soul bound by love
Of friends and of the dove
Reluctant once, on the path he strove
Laughing and lifting spirits above

The greatest of the three
Was called strongest, certainly,
A poet, a lover, an unsui
The was his path, walked by three

Thought the hour was early and dark
Upon their mission, they did embark
Led by calls that cried "Hereark,
Follow us and love's true mark."

Follow the calls, they did.
And by each other aided
Sought out the caller fated
And found a bond created

Though since then, on paths gone
Away from each other long
It was once together shone
A path so right, never to be wrong

So come and hear me, you may
A bard singing clear and bray
And hear the words I have to say
Of something that happened one year ago this day