A Conversation with a Cat

"Meow" said the cat
While she looked at me and sat
With a little grin on her face
Green eyes and calico lace

"It is good to see you," said I.
"For very soon, I will die.
This world is weary of me,
And life is taking its fee."

"That's very odd," said the cat
Whilst it glanced after a rat.
"It seems you are too alive,
To have a death thus contrived."

"My sentence is passed.
My life will not last.
My crime was too great,
Now only my death can sate.

"This pain fits like a glove.
This pain is the price of love.
Love unwanted was my sin.
It was a path I should never begin."

"Love itself was the life,"
Said the cat with little strife.
"Such a high cost you will pay,
If you truly mean what you say.

"Let the pain heal,
And let the wounds seal.
Pain is only passing.
Everywhere, happiness is massing."

"But I am alone, little cat,"
Said I in a tone most flat.
"My world is empty without her.
I cannot live alone, that is sure."

At me, the cat looked and laughed,
Beaming a smile that seemed quite daft.
"Why do you silly humans never see?
Wherever you go, you will always have me."