American Beauty

Greetings, travelers. I have just seen the movie American Beauty, and I must say, it has affected me. Rarely is a movie such a work of art. It isn't a movie for modern America. It's a movie for all times, for all seasons, and for all hearts unafraid of seeing beauty.

I don't find the need to go into the details of the story... Because you should see it for yourself. It is a truly beautiful movie. Perhaps the most beautiful part of it is how it can opens your eyes.

"Sometimes I look around me and see the beauty of the world. This beauty fills my heart until I think that it will pop like a balloon. Then I remember to relax, and let go. There is beauty everywhere."

Dear reader, I pose to you a question. When you think of happiness, what do you see? When you think of peace, who is there with you? When you know love, how do you feel?

That is beauty. That is art. It is an essence that cannot be placed in words, yet in words it can come. It lies not in paints or pictures, yet from them it can come. Beauty is a thing we all possess, it is an element we all are capable of, somewhere inside of us.

And by my words, I am deemed a romantic. I open myself to attack on all fronts from cynics, and realist, pessismists, and skeptics. I am not afraid of you. Because I have seen beauty. I have felt love. I have tasted the greatest gift God has ever given to us. I know my truth.

Fear is the deepest trap our souls can fall into. Forget fear. Forget pain. Forget sorrow. Forget anger. In the end, it isn't what you were too afraid to do that counts. It's what you did do that matters. Feel the beauty of the world around you. Beyond its shams, its drudgeries, its stupidities and idiots. Beyond it's pain and suffering... beyond it's apparent pointlessness. See the beauty of life, and love it.